"The heroes of "Storming Las Vegas" include Lt. John Alamshaw, a street-wise Vegas cop (now retired) who worked the Vigoa case."
-The Wall Street Journal, "Gambling on the High Stakes"

"..."Storming Las Vegas"...It's the story of the crime spree of Jose Vigoa, and how Metro Lt. John Alamshaw helped bring him to justice."
-John Smith, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"...the man who would eventually solve the crime, Lt. John Alamshaw, who is relentless in his pursuit of Vigoa..."
-Tod Goldberg, Las Vegas CityLife

"A Classic Vegas Brawl: a murderous Soviet-trained mercenary with heavy weapons versus an American cop with smarts and style. A bloody winner-takes-all shootout for control of the Strip..."
-Van Gordon Sauter, former president of CBS & Fox News

John Alamshaw is well known in both as both a decorated law enforcement agent and a licensed private investigator. A simple online search will provide thousands of results...

Mr. Alamshaw is depicted in the best selling true crime book "Storming Las Vegas"

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